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Subcast is built by the core team behind Streamr Network, an open source and decentralised Publish Subscribe technology.
Mark Little
Mark is a seasoned executive and founder with over 2 decades of commercial experience across various sectors and geographies. CCO and CMO at Stream Network, previously COO and cofounder of UK retail fintech, and marketing and e-commerce leaderships roles at blue-chips such as Unilever and Disney, in both Europe and China. Mark is an advisor to several startups, leveraging his expertise in value creation.
Jarno Marttila
Jarno is a core team Engineer at Streamr and has been building P2P  and Web3 solutions since 2013, starting the journey from mining, followed by smart contract and dApp development and now pursuing doctoral degree related to design and use of tokens in real world applications. Author of ERC-5023 shareable NFT standard and passionate about video streaming and media distribution.
Matthew Fontana
Matthew has over 20 years of tech experience, as a founder and engineer. He currently leads as the Head of Ecosystem at the Streamr Network, a decentralized Web3 data infrastructure project. Previous roles included CEO and cofounder of Triplify and EXEcute— a retail travel consumer app and a networked classroom management solution.
Nikki Nylund
Nikke is a serial entrepreneur, board member and outside-the-box thinker with several successful exits. Among his successes is Quartal, with Quartal Flife sold to Investis Ltd (UK), Quartal Financial Solutions acquired by KMU Capital AG, and Quartal Content Management bought by Satama Plc.